24. nóvember 2015 | News

Horse of the day November 24th: Díva frá Holtsmúla

Díva is a well bred, three year old mare pregnant with a great stallion, Vökull frá Efri-Brú.  More

23. nóvember 2015 | News

Horse of the day November 23rd: Máni frá Holtsmúla

Today´s horse is a very promising sport horse, he is only one years old, and very well bred. He is a brother to the famous stallion Steggur frá Hrísdal,  More

23. nóvember 2015 | News

Do you need your horse trained?

We are currently very busy with a lot of horses in training, but since we have excellent staff and great facilities, we have a few spaces available and can add a few horses to the program.  More

22. nóvember 2015 | News

We are half way through introducing the horses on the November sale, have you browsed through our sales site?

Horse number 7 out of 15 is a very promising mare born in 2012 who is now just started in training. She has had a rider on a few times when this is written  More

20. nóvember 2015 | News

November horses for sale continues

We now have five horses on the sales site, one for each day since November 16th. We already have quite a variety of colors, buckskin, palomino, silver dapple, blue dun, and palomino pinto.  More

17. nóvember 2015 | News

A November sale, theme is promising youngsters in colors other than black, red and bay

Urvalshestar advertise a late fall sale during the days of November 16th through 30. Every day we will add one new horse on to our sales pages, and advertise for sale. The prices will be kept very f...  More

06. september 2015 | News

The transfer between summer and fall

We have had a great summer season with a wonderful crowd of working students. The fall is usually the time when many of our old crew leave for school, and a new  More

13. júlí 2015 | News

Friends in the garden

These two great horses are Röðull, age 25, and Stjarni, somewhat younger. We have Röðull here to take care of in his old age, and in return the daughters in the house get to train him.  More