Breeding Urvalshestar breed top quality horses with a clearly defined breeding goal. Every year we produce between 30 and 40 foals.
Horses for sale Urvalshestar offer horses for sale of all ages, training levels and price ranges. We, furthermore, assist you in finding your dream horse if you can´t find it with us.
Stallions at stud this summer This summer we offer magnificent high-quality studs at Holtsmúli as usual. It is our ambition to offer the best available stallions, and give first-rate care to each mare.
Training We train horses of all ages, and work closely with the owner to achieve the future goal of the horse weather it is general riding, competition, or something else.

News and articles

A very very special deal!

01. júlí 2018 | News

Úrvalshestar are offering 13 selected mares for sale with an extra bonus, and here is how it goes:  If you buy a mare from us before the...   More

Þráinn frá Flagbjarnarholti in Holtsmúli after Landsmót

28. júní 2018 | News

Mare owners who have a reserved spot with Þráinn are asked to bring their mares on July 9th between 8:00 and 19:00. Please notice that   More

Þráinn frá Flagbjarnarholti standing at stud in Holtsmúli after Landsmót

08. júní 2018 | News

We are proud to present the new world champion of all Icelandic breeding horses, Þráinn frá Flagbjarnarholti. He will be serving mares here in Holtsmúli from July 9th through the end of the summer. Þráinn just scored the highest   More

Training the Icelandic Horses..... An observation... by Peter De Cosemo

05. janúar 2017 | News

For me Icelandic horses are one of the most easy breeds to work with and develop. I have been travelling to Iceland regularly for approximately five years and   More